Good outcomes in architecture are a collective effort. JRS is team oriented, client centered, and community engaged.

Our mission at JRS is to make better places to learn and to worship, creating unique and inspired spaces. We believe that beauty can cure and that beauty should transcend all boundaries, geographical, social and cultural. The communities of East and West Baltimore are filled with windowless shells. And yet even a shell has value. One of our greatest strengths lies in recognizing the intrinsic value that resides in existing structures and using those strengths to bring added value to projects and renewal to communities. We create difference that celebrates and elevates ordinary human activity. We create an architecture specific to each site, client, program, need, want and budget.


The great city of Baltimore, Maryland, is our home and workshop. Local knowledge and ready access makes for design solutions that are familiar, aware, sensitive, and constructive.


Our projects make sensible, tangible contributions to the beauty of our city and state, enhancing communities, providing opportunities, landmarks, focal points, the palpable benefits of a thoughtful built environment. We believe beauty is underrated.


JRS is a woman-and-minority-owned, MDOT certified MBE firm.




JRS Architects invites seasoned and mid-career architects and architectural interns with zero to three years’ experience
to submit a letter of interest in joining our staff.

Our practice includes many projects for repeat clients representing the best in Baltimore and Maryland: 21st Century Schools,
the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Maryland Stadium Authority, Universities, foundations, and non-profit institutions.
We are committed to community engagement and design, particularly within Baltimore City.

We seek thoughtful, focused, design oriented individuals looking for an opportunity to do meaningful work in a supportive environment.
Architects can and should play an important part in fixing what’s broken in our city.

Please submit your letter with a resume and portfolio sample all in PDF format to admin@jrsarchitects.com.